Grace Lever has dedicated her professional career to empowering female entrepreneurs and emphasizing the importance of “doing,” and “getting stuff done together.” These concepts serve as the foundational philosophy espoused through, the digital community Grace founded in order to help guide aspiring female entrepreneurs as they embark on a heroic journey focused on the creation of a profitable lifestyle business. Grace Lever, a graduate of the International College of Management in Sydney, Australia, is known for her expertise as a marketing funnel specialist, and in the last financial year alone she assisted clients in generating in excess of $20 million in revenue.

1. What do you do for work?

I actually run quite a few businesses (all of which are streamlined and automated), but my primary focus is on the work I’m doing to help inspire and empower female entrepreneurs at

2. Why did you choose to pursue a career in the field in which you currently work?

There’s been a surge among women interested in pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors, but I also noticed a lack of resources specifically tailored to female entrepreneurship. I believe with the right kind of education and support women all over the world can build successful lifestyle businesses, which is why I made the decision to found and began offering the “Doing Days” workshops.

3. In what way does your professional role make it possible for you to have a positive impact on others?

There are so many women out there with great business ideas who only need to feel empowered to make those ideas a reality, and my role ensures these talented entrepreneurs confidently pursue their professional goals and ultimately achieve significant entrepreneurial success.

4. What is it that you enjoy most about living in Adelaide Hills?

It is just so much more laid-back and relaxing than Sydney, and the fact that Adelaide Hills is one of the great wine regions of Australia really adds to the charm of living here.

5. What do you do for recreation?

I like to go for long walks with my husband and our puppy.

6. If you could travel anywhere outside of Australia, where would you go and why?

I’d like to travel to the Seychelles; it just seems so much like a paradise.

7. Aussie rules football, cricket, rugby or something else?

I like each of them more or less equally, but I also enjoy tennis and golf.

8. Is there an Australian you admire or who has had a profound influence on you personally or professionally? Explain.

I deeply admire all the women I’ve met through my speaking engagements and workshops, all of whom are so energized and excited about the opportunity to build a business of their own that I can’t help but feel an even greater sense of motivation than ever before.

9. What advice would you give to a first-time visitor to Australia?

Spend some time relaxing in Australia’s wine country, where we have some of the world’s most beautiful vineyards and wineries.

10. What is the funniest or strangest question a tourist has ever asked you about Australia?

Someone asked me if kangaroos actually box each other — which they do — but refused to believe me when I explained the circumstances in which two kangaroos might “box” in the wild. I think he must have made a bet with a friend and was just looking for someone to give him an answer that would help him win.