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Dymphna Boholt MYIAs the founder of I Love Real Estate and an internationally renowned speaker and mentor, Dymphna Boholt has helped countless investors achieve their personal financial goals through sound advice and practical strategies. Ms. Boholt was born in Central Queensland and grew up on a small-town farm before heading off to study finance and economics at the Australian National University in Canberra, and she now lives on Australia’s Sunshine Coast on a vast and unspoiled 32-acre property.

Featured for her investment acumen in the immensely popular “Secrets of Property Millionaires Exposed,” Ms. Boholt has since taken on a number of her own writing projects, including a series of books on asset protection and investing. She is also the co-founder of Wildly Wealthy Women, and her work as an investment mentor has earned her widespread acclaim and international recognition.

1. What do you do for work?

I actually have quite a few projects going on at the moment, but my principal focus is on the mentoring programs I have developed to help thousands of students achieve their financial goals through property investing and portfolio building.

2. Why did you choose to pursue a career in the field in which you currently work?

I’ve personally benefited from the guidance of a mentor and wanted to pass on what I had learned to others seeking to achieve a similar level of success.

3. In what way does your professional role make it possible for you to have a positive impact on others?

I’ve been able to help so many of my students free themselves from professions in which they had to exchange their time for money. With just a little guidance, these students have enjoyed the endless benefits that come with financial freedom and long-term financial security.

4. What is it that you enjoy most about living on the Sunshine Coast of Australia?

I love that I am so constantly confronted with nature’s beauty and I feel incredibly fortunate to live on such a fantastic property.

5. What do you do for recreation?

My family and I like to go for hikes and have recently taken up bird watching.

6. If you could travel anywhere outside of Australia, where would you go and why?

I spent some time working in Bangkok, and while I did enjoy my time there, I would like to travel to Venice in order to really become immersed in the Italian culture.

7. Aussie rules football, cricket, rugby or something else?

I enjoy attending rugby matches, but only every once in a while.

8. Is there an Australian you admire or who has had a profound influence on you personally or professionally? Explain.

The person I admire most and who had the most profound influence on my professional career is Dr. Dolf de Roos, but he was actually born in New Zealand and is probably best known for his work in the United States.

9. What advice would you give to a first-time visitor to Australia?

The cities are all amazing and are absolutely worth visiting, but you haven’t really experienced Australia until you’ve spent time in the diverse natural settings we have throughout the country.

10. What is the funniest or strangest question a tourist has ever asked you about Australia?

Someone asked me where the annual Yahoo Serious Film Festival was held, but I was completely unaware that there was ever such a film festival, let alone an annual one.

Dymphna Boholt Gives Her Wisdom for Real Estate Success

Dymphna Boholt real estate adviceBefore you begin putting resources into real estate, it is common sense that you get instructed in the imperative ideas. There are many approaches to get taught and manufacture your insight base and in a ton of cases, it’s not about what you know but rather who you know. On the off chance that you are attempting to get your foot in the entryway of real estate, what you know and who you know could play out to support you.

Real estate investor teacher and author, Dymphna Boholt would agree that in order to succeed in a real estate environment, having connections would be highly beneficial to you as you grow in your real estate business. You’re going to want to develop a strong and sturdy foundation in the early beginning of your real estate career. As the saying goes, a structure built on sand is subject to collapse. You can prevent this by getting as much knowledge as you can. According to Dymphna Boholt, it wouldn’t be a bad a idea to spend the first year or two working to learn rather than working to earn.